Happy Belated New Year~~

I know i am a lazy bitch.. Oh what to do?? What have i been up to?

Well i am killing my time off. I have finished my last Professional paper of my ACCA Course and am waiting for the result which will be out in February.  I pray hard that i be able to graduate this time. Been pushing myself hard for this exam. So i hope i will pass. Must pass. No exception. Pray for me will you guys?? Hope you all still read my blog anyway.. T_________T

Lots of things happen last year, for the worst and for the best. The worst?? Hmm.. i broke up with my boyfriend LG and then few months later found out that he was two timing or maybe many many timing in a relationship. It was bad knowing that he did it behind me. It felt great after all knowing it after breaking up. I did not cry much.. Just felt sad. Haiz but anyway i love my current sayang now. Hee hee~~

I passed my previous papers in last year and making progress till where am i now. I'm already on my professional last paper. It felt great. I redeemed myself. I grow to a better person in me.

I hope this year will be a good year and a better one to me. Here i wish everyone a Happy Belated New Year.
What i did on my New Year?? Well i slept my way through~~



Seriously, i need to apologize to my readers for not been updating my blog for ages long. I'm so sorry. I have been really busy concentrating on my studies.Along the way, there are so many things happened. The good and the bad.

It must be disappointing to return to my blog to see nothing newly written there. My fellow readers have been asking me to update my blog, and therefore your wish has finally come true.

Happy lads? So stay tune for today first ever full blog post.



Today i am talking about SUGAR DADDY~ Yes.. why did i choose such topics today?

Few days ago when i was checking my profiles i received a very great offer which at eye glance you can't resist. The mail states like this.


How are you?

I am sugar daddy who looking for slim young man like you to be my sugar son. I am interested with you, and wish to offer you RM10,000 to exchange 5 times of sex from you. If you interested with it, do reply me.

See that amount of money. RM10,OOO for 5 times of sex which equals RM2000/sex.. or to get your hole package. So i decided to toy with him a bit to find out more about him and reply his mail. Well you don't have to know what happens in the exchanging of the mails. What a bitch~~ LOL...

But in the end he replied to me.

Sorry....wrong channel...any way, thanks for your times......

ha ha ha.....you are such a HOLY and GODLY man....

As for me, I am very clear with my offer....that is cash and sex....I am not interested with happiness....If I need romantics time, I can talk to my sweet BF....

As for new sex need....I can use my cash to buy new ass hole to fuck with....
What for to spend time to talk....wasted my time....Any way...pls end it here....need no reply...thanks
This is the reply i received. You should knew what i say in between with the reply i receive.

My opinion is that even how bad am i in need of money, i couldn't sell my services just like that for money. My dignity, morality and legitimate over for MONEY. The most important is LOVING MYSELF! and to be able to look myself in mirror. If i did that, i don't think i be living my life happily after receiving the money. If to reach to the standard of living, i think i would have to change myself to a someone that i wont know about love anymore.

Plus that guy offering the money is a chubby guy like really chubby that if he *hempap you in bed, you will be squeezed like a tin can of sardine. The look was horrible as well in my opinion. Shrugs*

I don't think i can have my boy standing.. and i need to cover him with a paper bag.

Well if my sugar daddy looks like this on top, i don't mind servicing for him forever. LOL.

So what will you do if you were me? Be his sugar boy??? once receive the offer will be forever tied up..


What do you feel when you read the newspaper 2 days ago? If you know what i mean, if you did your catching up on the news.

Good news keep coming up and we can make a difference in the world. I am happy to extend my heartiest congratulations to Oyoung, whose real name is Ngeo Boon Lin, an openly gay Malaysian-born, New York-based author and pastor, is set to marry his Broadway musical producer boyfriend this month or in early September with ceremonies planned in New York and Malaysia with his partner Phineas Newborn III.

The news have been hitting hard in every local papers that you can find yesterday. I agreed with his stance of "Keep coming out" to fight homophobia. We are not like what we used to be back 10 or 20 years ago. Come out and don' be afraid of who we are, because to love is to accept who we are.

A day before the that Penny Wong a Malaysian expects a baby with her partner in Australia. How about that? A double joy??? It is indeed. A great news that we Malaysia are hitting the headlines again. I love it

Congratulations to all. My warmest of all. ^^


If you are smart,when you saw the picture you might thought that i will be posting a post regarding on the newest shocking scandal of the News International phone hacking scandal for the past few days.

It is an ongoing controversy involving the News of the World tabloid and allegations that individuals working for the newspaper engaged in phone hacking. Further revelations were made that they involved far more but obtained information in further illicit ways including making payments to police officers; that it exercised improper influence on politicians and the police; and that other British newspapers were involved in similar activities.

Advertiser boycott contributed to the closure of the News of the World, which published its final edition on 10 July 2011 after 168 years of publication.

However, today's topic i am not talking about that. Actually i am wondering now, how does my reader reads the news paper. There's a lot of things can be said about a person personality when he/she reads the newspaper.

How do you read the news paper?

Normally i will segregate out the sections. For example, The Star, i will pull out the Star Two, The Metro, and the Main section out. After that i will read them in order with the rest kept at the side. First i will tackle the entertainment corners like cartoon section and the screen show, followed with the rest in Section Two, moving to Star Metro, then reading the international news, business section then lastly the local news.

I don't read the sports section except once in every 4 years for only OLYMPIC. LOL

That's my order of reading the newspaper. Most of the time, i will hold the newspaper and read but rarely i would place it on the table to read.

I would least read the news paper twice so that i would not left any news or updates. I don't really like to read online as is just complicated and i just love to flip the pages.

How about you guys?
Do you guy segregate or not?
Read it from the front or beginning it from the front?
Tell me.

Shall I?

An offer came up to me just like that, an offer which i could not resist and my dream of venturing into long time that i stopped going into. It was because i'm short, that's all. Whenever chances comes by, i ignored or pushes it aside and stick to my reality.

I just couldn't make it to the entertainment industry. Laugh all you can.

Chances just come again and again. Now again.

A photo shoot. Previously, a year back, i went for a model photo shoot for a clothing brand before and i wasn't selected. That was for fun.

The thing about this photo shoot is that is NUDE. The level of the nude photo shoot will depend on the model level of comfortableness. So i was given the idea on how the photo shoot picture will be. Like the picture below.

I'm shy~~

I know what you guys be saying.. you? sure or not? got nice body or not? all that question..
answer to that depends on your definition of hot body or fit body if you call it..

I don't post my body picture up, but till know based on the comments of my friends.
The answer to that question is yes.

So shall i or shall i not accept the offer?