Happy Belated New Year~~

I know i am a lazy bitch.. Oh what to do?? What have i been up to?

Well i am killing my time off. I have finished my last Professional paper of my ACCA Course and am waiting for the result which will be out in February.  I pray hard that i be able to graduate this time. Been pushing myself hard for this exam. So i hope i will pass. Must pass. No exception. Pray for me will you guys?? Hope you all still read my blog anyway.. T_________T

Lots of things happen last year, for the worst and for the best. The worst?? Hmm.. i broke up with my boyfriend LG and then few months later found out that he was two timing or maybe many many timing in a relationship. It was bad knowing that he did it behind me. It felt great after all knowing it after breaking up. I did not cry much.. Just felt sad. Haiz but anyway i love my current sayang now. Hee hee~~

I passed my previous papers in last year and making progress till where am i now. I'm already on my professional last paper. It felt great. I redeemed myself. I grow to a better person in me.

I hope this year will be a good year and a better one to me. Here i wish everyone a Happy Belated New Year.
What i did on my New Year?? Well i slept my way through~~


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